Voting Rights

We focus on voter education and voter registration so people on probation and off parole will know they have the right to vote in California. We are working to guarantee that people inside the jails know that many of them also have the right to vote. We are continually confronting legislative and legal challenges that threaten the voting rights of formerly-incarcerated people.

Ultimately, All Of Us Or None would like to see the rights of everyone inside any correctional institution and on parole in California and all 50 states restored.

Free The Vote 2020 Report

Building on decades of voting rights work begun in 2003 as All of Us or None, formerly incarcerated & convicted people campaigned over the past three years to restore voting rights to 50,000 Californians on felony parole, culminating in the passage of Prop 17.

From the first All of Us or None meetings in Oakland in 2003, to the passage of Amendment 4 in Florida restoring voting rights to 1.4 million people with felony convictions, we have struggled with few resources and against the assumption that people directly impacted by the criminal legal system could organize and lead meaningful campaigns. As our new report clearly documents: not only do we need a seat at the table, we need to set the agenda and center our voices in the work. Nothing about us without us.