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Coalition for Family Unity

Coalition for Family Unity has a purpose to maintain and strengthen family relationships during and after incarceration.

About The Coalition for Family Unity

The Coalition for Family Unity is a coalition led by directly-impacted and system-impacted people and supported by allies that addresses the impact of mass criminalization on families and family reunification.

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Join the movement to address the rippling effects mass incarceration has had in our families and communities. Let's start a conversation to discuss how we take our lives, families and communities back!

oin the Coalition for Family Unity in Support of the 2021 Family Unity Bill

(AB 990 (Santiago))

Preserving Family Bonds During Incarceration

The 2021 Family Unity Bill recognizes that frequent contact through visits and phone calls preserves family bonds during incarceration, providing family structure for the children and spouses left behind, supporting the mental health of the incarcerated, and helping incarcerated people thrive after release.