The Coalition for Family Unity organizes and advocates to strengthen family relationships during and after incarceration.

6.5 million adults in California have an immediate family member currently in jail or prison.

According to Barna Research, 7.3 million children in the state of CA have a parent under some form of correctional supervision. 

What is most frightening is that: according to CDCR visits in 2019, only 10% of the incarcerated population in all 32 state prisons receives visits.

About The Coalition for Family Unity

The Coalition for Family Unity is a coalition led by directly-impacted and system-impacted people and supported by allies that addresses the impact of mass criminalization on families and family reunification.

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Join the movement to address the ripple effect mass incarceration has on our families and communities. Let's start a conversation to discuss how we take our lives, families, and communities back!

Join the Coalition for Family Unity in Support of the 2023 Family Unity Bill

(AB 958)

The reunification of families through visitation offers incarcerated individuals the opportunity to cultivate strong relationships and support systems that, in turn, reduce recidivism and improve in-custody conduct. This helps avoid costly reincarceration and disciplinary and security proceedings in prisons. Additionally, family visits benefit the development of children with incarcerated parents and reduce intergenerational cycles of incarceration, thus lowering social service spending and fostering healthier California communities.