How to Help Clients with the Sex Offense Tiered Registry

Tuesday, Nov. 30, 3-4:30 pm

This training will help you assist clients on the sex offense registry who have an opportunity to terminate the registration requirement under a law that went into effect in 2021 (SB 384 (2017)).

The panelists will include:
Janice Belluci, Executive Director, Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws
Chance Oberstein, President, Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws
Representatives of public defender and legal aid organizations
Rita Himes, LSPC staff attorney as moderator

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Helping Clients with Criminal Justice Debt

Thursday, Dec. 9, 3-4:30 pm

This training will cover:

Repeals of criminal fines and fees in 2021 (SB 177) and 2020 (AB 1869) -- how to determine whether your client's fines/fees were affected and get past balances wiped off the books

Limits on the Franchise Tax Board's ability to collect outstanding fines/fees from tax refunds under AB 176 (2021) -- how to determine if your client is eligible and how to help them get relief

New Abolish Bail Debt online tool created by the Debt Collective -- how to help clients who signed papers to get themselves or loved ones bail bonds that were subsequently subject to collection

The panelists will include:
Stephanie Campos-Bui on behalf of the Debt Free Justice Coalition; Deputy Director, BerkeleyLaw Policy Advocacy Clinic
Rebecca Miller, Senior Litigator, Western Center on Law and Poverty
Manuel Galindo, Carceral Debt Organizer, Debt Collective ("You are not a loan.")
Rita Himes and Kellie Walters, LSPC staff attorneys, as moderators
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2016 Community Give Back.  Members of All of Us or None, an organization that supports rights of formerly imprisoned people, and Legal Services for Prisoners with Children gave away about 100 new bicycles to children of imprisoned people.  Each child got a bike, a helmet, and lunch, wrote thank you notes to the imprisoned parent who arranged the gift, and got a photo taken showing the child/children with new bikes.  A print of the photo is sent inside for one parent, and to the house for the rest of the family.
Annual Bike Give-Back by All Of Us or None, an organization of previously incarcerated people, with a lot of other volunteer help.  Every year AUON gives away bicycles to children of people currently incarcerated.

Annual Community Giveback

December 10-11, 2021

This event requires the caregiver to pre-register by Nov. 20th, 2021
All children must be accompanied by an adult.

All of Us or None, a project of LSPC, hosts the annual Community Giveback, In Memory of Robert Moody, community activist extraordinaire.

The Giveback is a way for children, whose parents are in jail or prison, to receive gifts in the name of their incarcerated parent. The event has served the community for 22 consecutive years. The children take photos with their bikes and we send them to their incarcerated loved ones. The day also includes a BBQ lunch for everyone, face painting, and a testimonial table where the children write messages or draw pictures for their incarcerated family member. Everyone involved has an absolutely great time!

For more information about this event, contact:

Tina Nunn
Office Manager/Volunteer Coordinator
(415) 625-7041