Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus info

"Prisons in a Time of Pandemic" by Dorsey Nunn
Coronavirus - Prisons in a Time of Pandemic - Dorsey

LSPC demands to CDCR Secretary Ralph Diaz and Governor Gavin Newsom
Justice Collaborative Ltr to Newsom
LSPC-CCWP Letter to CDCR Secretary 3-13-20 signed

Coronavirus information for incarcerated people:
Coronavirus Manual - CA Jails
Coronavirus Manual - Federal Facilities
Coronavirus Manual - Other States
Coronavirus Manual - CDCR

How to Support Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated People and Family Members During Crisis:

Updated information on prison conditions and policies

Prison Policy Initiative website (nationwide):

The Justice Collaborative website (nationwide):

CDCR website on COVID-19:

BOP website on COVID-19:  

Website tracking changes in incarcerated population levels by state, city:

Resources for people on the outside

2020 COVID-19 Rapid Response Emergency Fund

Help Provide Emergency Relief to System-Impacted People & Family Members!