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Oakland City Council: "Oakland Rejects Slavery" Resolution

October 6, 2021

Oakland City Council hearing on adopting the “Oakland Rejects Slavery” Resolution to support ACA 3. (Watch here)

"Slavery still exists in the US, but these CA organizers are working to end it" (The Real News)

August 9, 2021

“In this episode of Rattling the Bars, Eddie Conway speaks with California organizers Jeronimo Aguilar and John Cannon about why we must fight to eradicate the last vestiges of slavery and how they are using legislation and other methods to get the job done. “ (Read More)

"How a Constitutional Loophole Allows Legal Slavery to Exist - and the People in Sacramento Aiming to Abolish it" (Newsbreak)

August 1, 2021

“With the state of California one of only nine states that currently allows for involuntary servitude to be included as a component of criminal punishment, the Sacramento chapter of civil and human rights organization All of Us or None have come together to push the ACA 3 bill onto the ballot.” (Read more)


KUCR: "ACA3, Involuntary Servitude, Prison Labor, and Slavery | Catching Up With..."

March 4, 2021

“Today we catch up with a variety of special guests including Terrance Stewart (Californians for Safety and Justice), William Tariq Palmer (Legal Services for Prisoners with Children), Avalon Edwards (Starting Over Inc, All of Us or None), and Dr. Dennis Childs, Assoc Professor at UC San Diego.

The discussion pertains to CA ACA3, “a resolution to propose to the people of the State of California an amendment to the Constitution of the State, by amending Section 6 of Article I thereof, relating to involuntary servitude.” In short, this conversation surrounds the issues relating to involuntary servitude, which is legal slavery under the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution, and under the California Constitution. This episode covers history of the resolution, historical context of slavery, and experiences from the inside.” (Watch here)

ABC: "Jim Crow, Then & Now" with Dr. Angela Davis & Dr. Dennis Childs

ABC Kickoff Webinar with Dr. Angela Davis, Dr. Dennis Childs, Journalist Troy Williams, and LSPC Policy Manager Joanna Billingy. (Watch here)

"Anti-Slavery Amendment Needs Support of Riverside Residents" (Black Voice News)

“Proposed state legislation aiming to strip underlying vestiges of slavery from the California Constitution has received an overwhelming amount of criticism from a number of Riverside County residents.” (Read more)


"Supes Back Call To Remove 'Involuntary Servitude' Clause From State Constitution"

February 26, 2021

“ACA 3 was crafted with help from the Abolish Bondage Coalition, a grass roots coalition made up of formerly incarcerated people and groups advocating for criminal justice reform, including the Bay Area-based group All of Us or None.” (Read more)


SF Supervisor Matt Haney: Press Conference on Resolution on ACA 3

February 25, 2021

LSPC, All of Us or None, CURYJ, & SF Supervisors Perez & Haney press conference on the resolution to support ACA 3. (Watch here)

"Amendment would ban 'servitude' by California prison inmates" (AP News)

February 25, 2021

“California relies on thousands of inmates to fight massive wildfires, churn out vehicle license plates, mop prison floors and myriad other tasks — all for wages that rarely top a few dollars a day. Opponents want to end what they call a visage of slavery.” (Read more)


"He wants to kick Jim Crow out of the California Constitution" (LA Times)

February 24, 2021

“Dorsey Nunn knows more about one particular line in the California Constitution than anyone would ever want to. It’s the line that harkens back to the dark days after the Civil War, the one that bans slavery — more or less.” (Read more)

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SF Supervisor Matt Haney Introduces Resolution to Support ACA 3 (Twitter)

February 2, 2021

“Today I introduced a resolution with President @shamannwalton, supporting ACA 3, to amend the California Constitution to prohibit slavery & involuntary servitude without exception in our State Constitution.

SF will be first city in support of this constitutional amendment.” (Read More)

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"Loopholes have preserved slavery for more than 150 years after abolition" (Washington Post)

January 27, 2021

Basing the 13th Amendment on an older law enabled states to have different forms of forced work. (Read More)

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